16 Inspiring Earth Day Art Projects for Kids

Earth Day is coming soon on April 22nd. 

To celebrate our beautiful planet I have put together a list of my favorite art projects that focus on recycling, natural materials, eco-friendly techniques, and found objects

Also, If you are on the look for some great illustrated books to read this Earth Day, you can check out my recommendations here

The following list includes two tutorials on how to print with plants, an introduction to land art, various found material collages and challenges,  leaf painting, and even an awesome post on natural waving!


16 Inspiring Earth Day Art Projects for Kids:

Earth Day Art Projects for Kids Art Sprouts

1.Richard Shilling on Land Art For Kids by The Artful Parent| 2. Recycled Art Sculpture Mystery Box Challenge by ThinkerLab | 3. Yarn Sticks by BabbleDabbleDo| 4. Eco-Printing Tutorial by Gumnut Magic | 5. Recycled Material Art Wall by ArtBar | 6. Charcoal Leaf Drawing by Kids Craft Room | 7. Recycled Water Bottle Garden by Wonderful Backyard| 8. Carnival Masks by Art Bar



Earth Day Art Projects for Kids Art Sprouts

1. Painted Leafs by My Owl Barn | 2. Twirling Twig Mobile by BabbleDabbleDo | 3. Nature Drawing by Playful Learning | 4. Nature Waving by Craftiments| 5. Shadow Tracing Drawing by Artful Parent | 6. Autumn Leaves Painting by Artful Parent| 7. Kids Land Art by Rediscovering Families| 8. Decorative Sticks by Buggy and Buddy


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Earth Day Art Projects for Kids Art Sprouts


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